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Silviu Serban


Silviu Serban

Technical Services & Sales Manager, GRACE Catalysts Technologies Middle East & Africa

Silviu received his Master of Science degree in 2005 from the “Oil and Gas” University of Ploiesti,Romania, the Faculty of Oil & Gas Processing Technology and Petrochemistry. Silviu has an extensive 15 years experience in oil and gas, especially at FCC and Refinery Units. Before joining GRACE in June 2014 he has worked as an Operations Engineer on the Satorp Refinery Project in Saudi Arabia, as a Production Engineer for Amromco Energy in Romania and in the USA, and as a Section Head of the FCC at the S.C Petrotel – Lukoil S.A. Refinery in Romania.

Silviu combines the hands on refinery operations experience with the technical understanding of FCC catalysis to provide the best in class unit follow up and optimization. Over the past 4 years, Silviu has visited majority of the refineries in the Middle East and South Africa, providing technical support and managing the sales process of FCC catalyst and additives.