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Daouda Kebe


Daouda Kebe

Technical Director Leader of Refining & HSEQ Work Group, ARA

Daouda KEBE has over twenty years of experience in the oil field, particularly in the operation of refining units. After an engineering degree in Industrial Chemistry / IndustrialProcess Engineering obtained at the Algerian Petroleum Institute of Boumerdes, he joined SAR (Société Africaine de Raffinage) and currently manages the Technical Department of the refinery which includes the following entities: Exploitation, Security / Environment, Maintenance, Inspection, Laboratory, Design Office,Purchasing of Goods and Services.

Since 2016, he has been the Leader of the ARA’s RHSEQ Work Group and chairs the MASE Senegal Board of Directors (Safety Improvement Manual). He is also a member of the Senegalese Association for the Development of Energy in Africa (ASDEA).