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ARA Newsletter Juin 2017

ARA Newsletter July 2017

1.ARA_Legal Affairs_AGM_ARAWeek2017

1.ARA_Activity Report_AGM_ARAWeek2017

2.Total_Alternative energies for service stations_ARAWeek2017

1.Rod Crompton_Regulator role's, infrastructure_ARAWeek2017

3.GRACE Catalysts_Extracting value_ARAWeek2017

2.UOP_Solutions for Diesel Specifications_ARAWeek2017

1.DuPont_Case studies, low sulphur_ARAWeek2017

1.Puma Energy South Africa_A marketers's perspective_ARAWeek2017

2.Uganda Ministry_Commercialisation of Uganda oil sector_ARAWeek2017

1.SIR_A refiner, achieving clean fuels_ARAWeek2017

3.NALCO_Fuels Additives Solution_ARAWeek2017

2.Afton Chemicals_A system approach toward the clean air objective_ARAWeek2017

1.Ghana DVLA_Vehicle Emission Enforcement_ARAWeek2017

2.CITAC Africa_What next for Africa_ARAWeek2017

1.Vitol_International oil market developments_ARAWeek2017

3.SONANGOL_Downstream transformation and IMO vision_ARAWeek2017

2.NNPC_GMD Speech_ARAWeek2017

1. ICCT_Towards clean fuels in Africa__ARAWeek2017