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So often debates about the African oil industry are dominated by discussions on the crude oil price and African oil production.

Newsletter July 2018

  • ARA WEEK 2018: Moving Forwards!
  • ARA Downstream Supply Chain Forum
  • Progress towards gaining African Union backing for the AFRI fuel specifications road map


Ivorian Energy Minister opens Supply Chain Conference

The Ivorian Minister for Energy and Renewables...

ARA confirms commitment to 2020 clean fuel policy

The ARA held a clean fuels workshop in Lomé, Togo on...

Statement of the Marine Fuels Platform

ARA is a member of the Marine Fuels Platform which has been formed by regional refining Associations around the globe.

The members of the platform fully support the timely implementation of the 0.50% m/m global sulphur limit on 1 January 2020 for marine bunker fuels and reiterate their call for its consistent global implementation.

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ARA confirms commitment to 2020 clean fuel policy


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ARA policy on african gasoline and diesel specifications


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Work Groups

Almost every country in Africa has an energy regulator monitoring and controlling local downstream markets, the supply chain, the environment, safety and security...

The HRWG responds to the will of the Executive Committee of the ARA to establish an HR and Corporate Social Responsibility based on collaboration within the Member...

The SDWG offers the ARA a focus on the supply, storage and distribution of products across Africa. This WG is in charge of promoting ARA best practice operational and...

The SWG acts as the voice of the ARA on future specifications of fuels, as well as on issues related to strategies related to vehicle emissions in order to promote a...

In addition to the being a framework of counsel and exchange, the missions of this WG have been extended to the identification of programmes of training for Members of...

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