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Africa Downstream Database (ADD)

Africa Downstream Database (ADD)

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ADD, the award-winning Africa Downstream Database, is a proprietary database licensed to the ARA. It has been designed and built using the latest online database tools.

ADD stores and can retrieve, sort and chart information on:

  • African Countries’ GDP data, foreign exchange and profile information.
  • Supply of and demand for refined oil products.
  • Contact information for companies and individuals across the downstream sector.
  • Image library with an extensive library including such material as refinery flow charts, photographs and maps of installations, original text of government decrees.
  • Pricing information on ex-refinery and inland pricing structures and pump prices of key commodities.
  • African oil-related facilities including refineries, ports, tank storage facilities and pipelines.
  • Refined oil products specification for both official national specifications and typical product qualities in the market.

The database also permits users to create downloadable charts cross referencing GDP, supply/demand figures and local prices at the pump.

ARA Members and Associate members who have been granted access to the database can log on by clicking on the link. If you need access, contact your organization’s ARA liaison officer for details.

Login into the ADD