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01-02_July09_CORAF_Reconstruction project

01-02_July09_CORAF_Modernisation process for the CFR engine

01-02_July09_ARA_Head of Laboratories and analyzers sem…ommendations

27-28_Jan09_SAMIR_Politique de surveillance

27-28_Jan09_SAMIR_Plans damelioration inspection des ma…nes tournantes

27-28_Jan09_SOGARA_Presentation of the mechanical service

27-28_Jan09_SOCIR_Monitoring policy

27-28_Jan09_SOCIR_Annexe_Houittuin motor pumps

27-28_Jan09_SKF_Corrective maintenance policy

27-28_Jan09_SIR_Steam turbine rotor blocked at start-up

27-28_Jan09_SIR_Revamping of a processor

27-28_Jan09_SIR_Pump burn-in

27-28_Jan09_SIR_Presentation of the SIR maintenance man…ment tool_SAP

27-28_Jan09_SIR_Organisation of the mechanics service

27-28_Jan09_SIR_Monitoring policy of Rotating Equipments

27-28_Jan09_SIR_Maintenance culture change

27-28_Jan09_SAR_Maintenance policy for rotating equipment

27-28_Jan09_SAMIR_Maintenance related pictures

27-28_Jan09_CORAF_Presentation of the mechanical service

27-28_Jan09_ARA_Rotating Equipment Seminar_Recommendations