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EventsJoint RHSEQ & Specifications MeetingTuesday 12 September 2017  09:00 AMLomé MORE
ÉvènementsJoint RHSEQ & Specifications MeetingTuesday 12 September 2017  09:00 AMLomé MORE


ARA policy on product specifications

The African Refiners Association (ARA), founded in 2006

ARA 2017 post-conf Press Release

The 12-year-old African Refiners and Distributors Association (ARA)...

ARA new Members

The ARA is pleased to welcome its new members, Management Hydrocarbure (Togo) and Star Oil (Mauritania)

Seminar Distillation units, HDT and GAS in Cairo, October 2016


Our public presentations are free to download. Forgotten your username or password to access the private presentations? Contact info@afrra.org for help.

Work Groups

Almost every country in Africa has an energy regulator monitoring and controlling local downstream markets, the supply chain, the environment, safety and security...

The HRWG responds to the will of the Executive Committee of the ARA to establish an HR and Corporate Social Responsibility based on collaboration within the Member...

The SDWG offers the ARA a focus on the supply, storage and distribution of products across Africa. This WG is in charge of promoting ARA best practice operational and...

The SWG acts as the voice of the ARA on future specifications of fuels, as well as on issues related to strategies related to vehicle emissions in order to promote a...

In addition to the being a framework of counsel and exchange, the missions of this WG have been extended to the identification of programmes of training for Members of...

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